Migration from ShopSite (iPage) to Ecwid

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Ecwid is a simple and easy-to-use shopping cart that can be installed to any existing website, blog or social network. There are five easy steps to migrate your store from ShopSite to Ecwid. You just need to import your products, setup shipping and payment methods and install the new store to your website. It takes less than 30 minutes to build a brand-new, full-featured online store for your website. Let's start!

0. Register for your new online store here: my.ecwid.com

I. Export products from ShopSite

Since Ecwid allows you to import products from a CSV file, the first step is easy. You just need to download your products list from ShopSite and upload it to Ecwid.

  1. Login to the iPage control panel and go to Website → ShopSite Manager page from top horizontal menu
  2. Click Manage my Store
  3. Choose Utilities from the top menu

Choose Utilities from the top menu

  1. Click the Database button on the next page and then Download
  1. Choose Products from the list and click the Download button

Click the Download

  1. Choose Tab-delimited text file format in the Download format block
  2. Choose Selected fields only in Download fields block and click Select button

Click Select

  1. In the pop-up window, choose the fields you wish to export using the Add button and click Ok

Click Ok

  1. Choose Download data to your browser (client) in the Download options block and click Proceed to continue
  2. Save the file with the list of your products on your computer

II. Import products to Ecwid

  1. Login to Ecwid's control panel and navigate to the Products page (via Catalog) and click Import products

Click Import product

  1. In the pop-up window, choose the file with products exported from ShopSite
  2. Choose Tab in the Delimited select box and UTF-8 in the Character Encoding field
  3. In the Import columns section check the fields that you wish to import. The list order should be the same as the exported file you downloaded in step #8 (Recommended Price = Sale price, Graphics = Image URL, Product Description = Description)

Import columns

  1. Click Import to start the importing process
  2. When the import is complete all products will be added to your store automatically

III. Create categories and assign new imported products

You can assign every product to one or more category using Ecwid's control panel (Catalog → Categories page). In order to create a new category, click New root category. If you want to create a subcategory for the existing category,  click New subcategory in the existing category screen. Set the category name and its image and click Save.

In order to add products to a category, find the Category products tab next to General on the category page and click Assign products. Choose the products that should be added to this category from the products list and save changes.

IV. Setup payment methods

Payment methods allow you to choose how your customers will pay you. Generally, every online store can support two types of payment methods: online and offline.

Online payment means that the funds are transferred to you (via your payment account) immediately after the customer confirms the payment.

Offline payment implies that the money is transferred later since the customer is supposed to arrange the transfer offsite. For example, transferring money at the nearby bank (ACH or wire transfer) or calling the customer to arrange payment ("Phone order" payment method) or even paying in person with cash. ​​

See also: Payment options

V. Setup shipping methods

Ecwid supports several different shipping methods. You can use one of the carrier-calculated shipping methods (eg, USPS, FedEx) or setup fixed shipping rates for different zones. It is also possible to set shipping cost according to the total sale or weight of the order. Please refer to the corresponding articles for details:

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our support team.

​Good luck!

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