Moonfruit is a popular website builder that allows you to easily deploy attractive eye-catching sites without having to understand any coding, HTML or CSS. And, if you are planning on selling products online, you can easily add Ecwid shopping cart to your Moonfruit site, too. After 5-minute installation process your store will work as an integral part of your site.

How to add Ecwid to your Moonfruit site

  1. If you don't have an Ecwid account yet, feel free to create it here. Then log in to your Ecwid control panel and copy the integration code from the Dashboard page. Save it somewhere within reach, you will need it pretty soon.
  2. Log in to your Moonfruit site for editing and click on the Pages (toolbar) -> Add a new page (sidebar) there.

click on the Add a new page 

  1. A popup window will appear with a choice of different types of pages to add. A blank page will work fine - choose this option and press the Next button. You will then be asked to name the page and set its visibility, etc.

choose option and press the Next button

Select the preferred options and add the page using Finish and then the Apply button.

Select the preferred options

  1. This new page will appear in the navigation menu. Click on the page name in the menu to open it for editing and add HTML snippet to it by clicking on Insert (toolbar) > HTML Snippet (sidebar).

Click on the page name in the menu

  1. Position the HTML widget on the page by dragging it to the necessary place. Then click on the Info tab in Editor (the floating panel on the right side) and adjust its width and height (e.g. 700x500).

Adjust its width and height

  1. The last thing to do now is to click on the Setup tab in Editor, paste your Ecwid integration code into the blank field there, press Apply button and save the page.
if you want to place several Ecwid widgets on your store page (e.g. the categories tabs widget and the product browser), please make sure you place the corresponding integration codes in the same HTML snippet rather than creating separate snippets for each widget. Unfortunately, the technical limitations of the Moonfruit sitebuilder will not allow to place Ecwid widgets inside different HTML snippets.

Paste your Ecwid integration code

That's all, your store is ready! You can manage its settings, add new products, set up payment methods, etc in Ecwid control panel. All the changes will be applied to your store immediately.

Your store is ready

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