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Ecwid can sort products by:
1. Order defined by store owner.
2. Date added.
3. Price (low to high, high to low).
​4. Name (A to Z, Z to A).

In order to set the default products sort order, go to the Settings → General → Cart page and modify the Default Products Sort Order setting. 

If the Defined by store owner option is selected, your customers will see products in the same order as you specify them on the Catalog → Categories page: 

  • Go to the Catalog → Categories. 
  • Click the necessary category. 
  • Go to the "Category products" tab. 
  • Drag and drop the products to sort them. 
  • Save the changes. 

If any other option is specified, then it will be used as a default sort order. However customers will be able to set the sort order they want. 


I set the default sort order, however this option doesn't work?

Most likely you've manually selected some value in the storefront`s "Sort by" drop-down menu and Ecwid saves this in your browser preferences. The "Default Products Sort Order" setting sets the default sorting order only, which is applied when a customer visits your store for the first time. A customer can always select any other sort order and it will be saved as default order for this particular customer. 

In order to check whether the option works correctly and how it looks for your customers, clear cookies and cache of your browser and open your store again or open it in another browser. 

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