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Here you can find answers to general questions about Ecwid.

Will there always be free accounts?

Ecwid is a great platform to base your store on: easy launch, with little to zero maintenance costs!

Of course, Ecwid is a business platform so we have paid accounts with additional premium features. You can compare our free and paid plans here:

The free version of Ecwid will always be available. We like the fact that with Ecwid you can get your store up and running without paying anything. And we'll keep it this way, we guarantee.

Do you charge transactions fee from sales?

No, we do not charge transaction fees from sales — even if you have a free account.

Please keep in mind that online payment gateways you might use to gather the money for your orders are always charging transaction fees and other service fees. The exact amount of fees your payment gateway imposes on your shop depends on your business and their own internal policies. Please, find out all these important details with the customer care service of your preferred payment gateway before you start selling.

Where is my data stored physically?

We rely on Amazon S3 to store Ecwid data and applications.

How can I change the look of my Ecwid store?

The CSS editor in the Ecwid admin interface allows you to customize the looks.

You will find more useful information about Ecwid custom CSS on this page: Changing store design

Can I extend Ecwid with my code? Is there an API?

Yes, Ecwid has an API, so feel free to use it. Developers are welcome to extend Ecwid functionality by creating apps and submitting them to our App Market. Please check our developers portal for more information.

What if my client is browsing from mobile?

Ecwid stores are responsive and look good on a screen of any size. You can check its appearance in our demo store:

How do you pronounce Ecwid? What does this word mean?

"Ecwid" is short for e-commerce widgets. It is pronounced like "eck-wid", "eck-quid".

Does Ecwid comply with PCI/PA DSS standards?

Yes, Ecwid is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) validated Level 1 Service Provider

What if I need a custom feature added to Ecwid?

If you need a custom feature for your store, we can help. Please fill in this form: Custom design for Ecwid store. We will be glad to help you with adding more features to your Ecwid store.


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