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You can sell your products on Facebook by using Ecwid Facebook app. It allows you to add a store to your Facebook Business page, so customers can browse your products and seamlessly checkout right from Facebook. Please note that this is a legacy way to add your store to Facebook and the store cannot be seen from mobiles.

We no longer support the app. With our new Sell on Facebook solution you can automatically upload (and sync) your products to the mobile-friendly "Shop" section on your Facebook business page and drive sales with dynamic advertising.
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Setting up Ecwid Facebook store app (Outdated)

The Ecwid Facebook app is still operational for everyone who already use one to sell products on Facebook. Though we strongly recommend to switch to our new Facebook integration.

See below the steps to add your Ecwid store to Facebook using the app.

  1. Open the app for Facebook in your Ecwid Control Panel.
  2. Click Log In and Launch Facebook store.
  3. Log in to your Facebook page.
  4. Select the business page where you want to add the store.
  5. Click Add Store.
  6. That's it! The Store tab is added to your Facebook page. You can see your store by clicking a direct Your Facebook Store link in the end of the Settings page in your Facebook account. 


My customers cannot find my Facebook shop from mobiles. Why?

You are using the Ecwid Facebook app which is not shown on mobiles per a Facebook limitation. Consider switching to our new Facebook solution to seamlessly sell across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

My customers cannot find my Facebook shop from mobiles. What should I do?

If you prefer to add store to Facebook via the app, we recommend to post a link to the Ecwid Starter Site (yours is always available in your Ecwid Control Panel → Starter Site) somewhere on the Facebook store page, so that the customers viewing the site from mobiles could open your store and make orders. Starter Site has a fully responsive layout, so it will be displayed accurately on mobiles.

To get your store visible on mobile devices in Facebook, please follow the steps below:

  1. Get your Starter Site link by going to your Ecwid Control Panel → Starter Site and copying the link below Starter Site URL.
  2. Go to your Facebook page and click +Add a button:
  3. Choose Shop Now from the drop down list:
  4. Add a link to your Starter Site and click Add Button

Now the Shop Now button will lead to your responsive store page where your customers will be able to shop from any mobile device. 

How to rename the Products tab and change the tab image

  1. Open your page and click Settings at the top:


  1. Click Apps in the left column and click Edit Settings near the Ecwid logo:


  1. Enter a new name in the Custom tab name field and save changes. Click Change next to the Custom Tab Image field to upload your own tab image (use 111 x 74 pixels image to avoid image resizing).

Edit Ecwid settings

  1. Click OK.

How to change the Facebook store settings or connect a different store

Please, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your Facebook stores list: https://apps.facebook.com/ecwid-shop/
  2. Click Settings next to the corresponding Facebook store.
  3. Change the settings as you need and click Save.

I'm getting the "You must have permission to add apps to at least one Facebook Page" error

This error means that you don't have any Facebook pages, where Ecwid can be added. Facebook doesn't allow adding apps to personal profiles. If you want to have an application tab with your products, it is necessary to create an official Facebook Business page.

I get the "This application is already installed for all applicable pages" error

This error means that you've already added the Ecwid app to all your Facebook pages. In this case you can create a new page here: www.facebook.com/pages/create.php or check the list of the pages, where Ecwid was added: http://apps.facebook.com/ecwid-shop/. Probably, the store was already added to required page.

How to delete an Ecwid store from a Facebook page

If you want to delete an Ecwid store from a Facebook page, please follow these steps: 

  1. Open the link apps.facebook.com/ecwid-shop/ → Settings.
  2. Clear the Ecwid Store ID field.
  3. Scroll down and click Save.

Clear the Ecwid Store ID

  1. Open your Facebook page → SettingsTemplates and Tabs.
  2. Scroll down to the Tabs menu.
  3. Click Settings beside the Store tab → Edit Settings.
  4. Click Remove:


That's it. This way you disconnect and remove your Ecwid store from the Facebook page.

Consider using our new Facebook Shop feature. The new integration has lots of benefits:
- your products can be displayed on any device, including mobile;
- easily advertise, using multiple Facebook ad types and formats, including Dynamic ads;
- as a bonus, the new Shop section includes the Subscribe button so that your followers can get messages when you add new products.
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