Every merchant understands how crucial is to have a recovery plan in case of any data loss issues. In Ecwid, we perfectly understand this and we take safety of stores very seriously. We constantly take duty of storing your products data, keeping it safe with encryption and backups and can restore it for you at any moment. 

Ecwid is a hosted SaaS shopping cart, which means all the code and stores data (products, categories, images, e-goods etc.) is hosted on our servers and delivered to you and your customers in background by means of AJAX. To be more specific, we rely on secure Amazon Web Services (particularly, Amazon EC2) to store Ecwid data and applications. As a result of such an approach, you entrust your store data to Ecwid and not to anybody else, regardless of where your store is installed. Be it Joomla, Wordpress or any other CMS, custom-developed site or social network, since you signed up with us, we take care of backups as well as of your store security, software updates, server maintenance and many other routine tasks. 

We take care about backups so you don't have to

I accidentally deleted products/orders/customers. How do I restore them?

Please check this article for information about lost data recovery.

I want to copy my shop to another site. Do I need a backup?

Thank to Ecwid's SaaS architecture mentioned above, you can use same Ecwid store front on numerous websites, blogs and social networks simultaneously and manage all of them from a single control panel. You don't need to download your store data and upload it to another site for that. If you decide to open your store in some other place like your blog or site, all you will need to do is to copy a few lines of code to that site - your storefront will just be mirrored to that place, so you won't have to create another store from scratch.

How can I export my store data to use it outside Ecwid?

Please refer to this article: Import-Export

Data in backups is stored for the last 35 days.

Restoring backups is available in for all paid users. Upgrade to get this feature
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