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Does Ecwid WebPartner Program suit me?

Ecwid WebPartner Program is specifically made for web designers, developers, internet marketing agents and anyone who builds websites for a living. 

If your customers are interested in starting online business or you want to promote Ecwid and earn, refer them to us and we will credit you with 20% commission. 

I want to become Ecwid Web Partner. What should I do?

Joining Ecwid WebPartner program is quite simple! Sign up today and get special tracking links for your customers. 

How does the program work?

Anyone who signed up for Ecwid using your tracking link becomes your referral customer. 

When they upgrade to any of Ecwid premium plans: Venture, Business or Unlimited, you receive 20% commission. Your 20% commission will be credited for all plan fees that your referral customers pay to Ecwid. You will be able to track all your referral customers and see what fees they are paying in the WebPartner Dashboard.

Start promoting Ecwid among people seeking for an ecommerce solution, provide them with your tracking links for signing up with us and earn!

How do I access my WebPartner account?

When you sign up for the program you get access to Ecwid WebPartner Dashboard here. Login with email, used for registering in our program, and password that you received after the registration. You will be able to view your customers, fees they have paid and the commission you have earned per customer.

Can I change my tracking link?

By default, all referral links have the following format: http://open.ecwid.com/XXXYY Such links redirect customers to the homepage of Ecwid website: http://ecwid.com

However, you can direct customers to any custom page you'd like by adding a deep link to your referral URL. To achieve this, you can use the following URL format:


where ‘XXXYY’ is your unique referral code and ‘YOUR_CUSTOM_PAGE’ is the URL of the page that will be shown to the customers.

For instance, you can redirect merchants to:

How do I track my commissions?

To view all commissions you have earned, you need to sign in to your WebPartner Account and open Commissions tab. Under ‘Revenue’ column you will see the fee amount, paid by your referral customer, and the commission amount earned will displayed under Commission column.

How do I get paid?

Ecwid will pay you monthly via your PayPal account, provided you have reached $100 in total earnings. If monthly commission is less than $100, the payment will be postponed until the next month’s pay cycle. Any commission which is more than $100 is paid immediately upon the next pay cycle.

I have referred users to Ecwid before I signed up for WebPartner Program. Can I make them my referrals?

That’s not possible. Each referral customer has to register their account through your affiliate link for tracking their payments and calculating your commissions. If this step was eliminated, your customers will have direct accounts, not tied to any WebPartner referral list.

My referral customer didn’t use the affiliate link when registering a store. Can I mark their store as my referral?

Ecwid WebPartner Program states quite straightforward that the account must be registered by your Ecwid referral link to be recognised as your referral customer. This is the vital part of the whole referral system we use. Putting the store, not registered through WebPartner referral link, to the list of WebPartner referrals goes against the rules of Ecwid WebPartner program and we can not do that. 

Please, make sure that your referral customers register their account through your special affiliate links and they will be tied to your partner account.

If you are confident that your referral customer did use the affiliate link for opening an account with Ecwid and still doesn’t appear in the list of your referrals, please, get in touch with our Customer Care team and we will look for possible issues with your affiliate.

I didn’t receive a commission for my referral customer’s payment. What’s wrong?

Most likely, your referral customer’s account has not been registered through your affiliate link and the system is unable to track their payments and credit commissions to you.

Please, provide us with your referral’s store ID and your WebPartner email that you used for signing up in the program and we will look for possible problems with your affiliate. You can contact us through any support channel, listed here.

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