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Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you follow up with people who have already visited your website, and deliver ad content specifically targeted to the interests they expressed during those previous visits. For example, a group of visitors who spent time investigating specific products but didn’t add anything to their shopping carts might be swayed by additional ads for those same products. A group of visitors who added items to their shopping carts but didn’t complete the purchase cycle might be enticed with a coupon for free shipping or a discounted price. A group of visitors who have made purchases have demonstrated not only an interest in your products, but a willingness to buy, and so you have an opportunity to cross sell other products in which they may be interested. More targeting strategies:

How to set up remarketing in Ecwid


Now, when you've integrated your Ecwid store with Analytics/Adwords/Remarketing, you will need to add remarketing lists and the corresponding ads in your Analytics and Adwords control panels. Please refer to this documentation for further details:

Scaler Retargeting 

Scaler Retargeting — a new solid solution for optimizing your retargeting campaign is available on Ecwid App Market. It delivers ads to users on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Network.

Scaler advertises your products to customers, who have visited your store before, and inspires them to return and finish the purchase.

Another great thing about the app is, that it doesn't require any manual, by-hand tuning — Scaler Retargeting is automated. It is ready to become an efficient tool, if you want to enhance your sales.The only thing required to have this powerful app at your disposal, is adding funds to your balance with a credit card. You can do that by clicking the 'Add Funds' button in the app's backend.

That’s it! The system will take care of the rest! Install the app

It usually takes from 48 hours to 2 weeks for bounced visitors to start returning to your website. The higher the volume of your daily traffic, the faster you'll see the results.


Why isn't remarketing turned on by default in Ecwid? 

When you turn remarketing in your store on, you enable Google Analytics to collect some extra information and setting additional cookies. Those are required for AdWords to work on the Google Display Network. As such, Google requires you to update your privacy policy to notify site visitors. Therefore, please make sure your privacy policy comply with the Google requirements before enabling remarketing. Please refer to this document for the details:

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