Removing the "Sign in" link

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If you want to hide the Sign in link everywhere in the customer area of your Ecwid store, just disable it in your Ecwid Control Panel → Design, the Storefront Navigation & Colors section:


If you also want to remove all elements that allow signing into your store, use the codes below. You should add the corresponding code to your active CSS theme in yourEcwid Control Panel → Design. Scroll down to the Customize the Look of Your Store section and click Create theme button. Please remember to activate the theme and save the changes after the codes are added.

table.ecwid-Checkout-blockTitle button, 
div.ecwid-Checkout-PasswordBlock {
table.ecwid-Checkout-blockTitle .ecwid-btn {
  display: none;
.ecwid-productBrowser-CheckoutPaymentDetailsPage .ecwid-btn.ecwid-btn--secondary.ecwid-btn--sign_in {
  display: none;

.ecwid-productBrowser-CheckoutShippingAddressPage .ecwid-btn.ecwid-btn--secondary.ecwid-btn--address_book_sign_in {
  display: none;

Then edit the labels that state "Enter your shipping address or ..." and "Enter your e-mail or ..." on the checkout pages.

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