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You can add your products to Yahoo Shopping with the help of PriceGrabber.

PriceGrabber is a price comparison service, providing a marketplace for shopping web-sites to promote their goods. 

You can join this service easily and quickly with your Ecwid store. When you connect your Ecwid store with PriceGrabber, your products will appear on PriceGrabber as well as Yahoo! shopping sites. 

The service is available for merchants from these countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

How it works

Millions of users searches for varios products and compare offers from different shopping sites at PriceGrabber and Yahoo! shopping sites. Once a user submits a search request for products of the type you're selling, your products will come up at the search results. The user will follow your links and get to your Ecwid store site to complete the sale.

How to setup

1. Please, proceed to your Ecwid control panel, Promotions -> Marketplaces, and select PriceGrabber.

Choose these parameters showing under "Settings":


Marketplace category: Select a category in which your items will be shown at PriceGrabber sites. You should define a category that would categorize the products most perfectly. 


Product condition: What condition your products are sold in, e.g., brand new items or reused. 

Save the changes.

"Feed link" displays a link to the products feed - a file of specific format (required by PriceGrabber and Yahoo!) containing information on your products. You will need to load it to your PriceGrabber account. This feed is generated automatically by Ecwid and updated each 12 hours. The file fully meets requirements by PriceGrabber and Yahoo! so you only need to download it from the Ecwid control panel and load it to your PriceGrabber account.

As the next steps, follow the instructions displayed on the same page:

2. Sign up an account with PriceGrabber  and start your campaign to offer products on these services:

1) Register at Choose your PriceGrabber username and password, enter your contact and billing information, choose your payment plan and click the "Continue" button.

2) PriceGrabber will send you an email with the verification code. Copy and paste it into the “Code” field in your PriceGrabber account, click the “Continue” button.

3) On the next step, you should set up your product feed: 

  • Select “Yes” for the “Do you have a product data feed?” question
  • Select "Yes" for the "Is the feed visible from a website / URL?" question. 
  • In "What is the URL of your feed?" field, submit URL of your product feed. It is shown in your Ecwid control panel > Promotions > PriceGrabber> Settings> "Feed link"
  • Select "No" for the "Is this feed password-protected?" question.

Click the "Save Changes" button. 

4) Set your shipping and tax rates: select the "Use the shipping costs provided in my product data feed" option.

5) Click the “Continue” button.

6) Review your data on the last page and make sure everything is correct.

The PriceGrabber team will review your application and activate your profile. Then you should re-fill your account balance, set up bids and launch your first campaign to get more sales. 

Export to Pricegrabber is available on Business and higher tier plans Upgrade to get this feature
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