Nochex is the UK's leading payment services provider, dedicated to online business. With Nochex as a payment option you will receive a powerful and highly secured way to accept payments in your Ecwid shop:

  • Accept credit cards through secured Nochex payment gateway
  • Customers can pay using their Nochex accounts,
  • Anti-fraud protectionlike 3D Secure – the leading Internet Authentication Protocol designed by Visa and MasterCard, to ensure your customers can make payments in confidence

The installation instructions below explain how to setup Nochex as a payment method in your Ecwid store.

How to setup Nochex

  1. Register an account with Nochex, if you haven't done so, following this link. Choose between either a UK Trader or a Merchant account.
  2. Make sure you have downloaded the module files from Nochex site and extract the folder.

  1. Copy the module files, from the archive to a suitable folder on your web server. You can use FTP for this process, e.g., FileZilla or a File Manager, etc.

Setup on Ecwid side

  1. Login to Ecwid control panel and go to System Settings → Payment page
  2. Click Change link in Payment Processor column for Credit Card payment method (if it doesn't used yet) and choose Credit Card: Authorize.Net SIM method from the list.

  1. In the appeared popup window enter an API Login, Transaction Key, MD5 Hash Value (set these values to whatever you wish), set the transaction type to Authorize and capture. Uncheck test mode when you want to make a live transaction.
  2. Select the Advanced settings link, press Change, under Endpoint URL submit the link to the URL of the orderdetails.php located on your web server e.g.

  1. Save all changes and enable new payment method.

Setup on Nochex side

  1. Open the ecwid-config.php file that was uploaded to your server. Enter your API Login, Transaction Key, and MD5 Hash Values, which you entered on the previous step in your Ecwid control panel. Then save the file.

  1. Open the config.php file that was uploaded to your server, and do the following changes:
    • Find and replace Enter Your Email Address with your email address
    • Find and replace Enter your Nochex merchant_ID  with your Nochex merchant ID. It's your email address that was used for the Nochex account registration.
    • Ensure the $return_link_url is being directed to the postpayment.php file and the $success_url is directed to the success_url.php file on your web server and save the file.

  1. Open the file postpayment.php and do the following changes:
    • Find and replace ‘Enter Your Email Address’ with your email address,
    • Go to line 54 find and replace ‘Enter your Store_ID’ with your Ecwid store ID. You will find this ID in your Ecwid control panel, on every page, in the right bottom corner.
    • Save the file
  2. Complete a test transaction in your Ecwid store using the Nochex payment option to see if everything is working

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What statuses will my orders have?

There are three responses that can be received from Nochex which can be shown in your Ecwid account:

  • Accepted. The order has been successful
  • Declined. The order already exists so the order status is changed to Declined
  • Queued. There is a problem with the order. Please, contact our support team on the forums for troubleshooting

When ordering something, I press make payment the page didn’t go to my Nochex payments page.

This could be due to your Nochex merchant ID being incorrectly entered, or is not present. Make sure you have submitted the right credentials according to the instructions above.

Nothing is working, and an error is produced during testing

This might be due to some settings wrongly recorded or misconfigured. You should check the following parameters:

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