Setting currency in Ecwid store

Ecwid supports all the official currencies, which means you can set your products prices exactly in the currency you want to accept in your store. To do that go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Regional Settings. Find your currency in the Currency drop-down menu and set the necessary currency sign. If the selected currency has an official prefix, it will be added to Currency symbol prefix field automatically.

Setting up conversion rate

There is also a field used to convert order totals to dollars if payment gateway or shipping carrier accepts dollars only. For example if you use PayPal Checkout and it doesn't accept payments in your currency, Ecwid will be able to convert the order total into dollars and send the request to PayPal.

So even if you use payment gateways that accept the currency you sell in, there is still the point with the shipping companies. If you sell your goods internationally, one day you may need the services of an shipping carrier, that does not accept your currency, but works with USD. In such a case you will need a conversion rate - due to it your customers will see the correct actual shipping rate in the currency of your shop and your shipping costs will coincide the shipping prices in your store.

Showing store prices in different currencies 

Ecwid App Market features Currency Сonverter app, which allows to display prices in your customers' home currency.

Currency Сonverter app detects customer's location and dynamically converts prices to customer’s currency to provide more smooth and personalized shopping experience. The app is paid with 7-days free trial.

The app is available on all Ecwid paid plans.

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