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Store location is the web address or URL link of the site page where your Ecwid store is located. For example, you have your own website at and added your Ecwid store to the site page — the address of this site page is your store location address.

Make sure to specify the right store location in your Ecwid Admin as it’s used as a base to form links to product, category and other store pages. These links are displayed in customer email notifications, at order history page in customer accounts, in posts shared to social networks, etc. Besides, the store location is used for the "View Store" and "Open in storefront" links in Ecwid admin panel and for the "Checkout on website" button on Facebook.

To get your store location, open your site in a browser, navigate to the page where you’ve added your Ecwid store and copy the URL link for this page that you'll see in the browser’s address bar:


To add or update the store location address in your store settings:

1. From your Ecwid Admin, go to Settings → General and click Store Profile tab.
2. In the Store Location field enter the web address of the site page where you’ve added your Ecwid store. Example:


If you’ve added the same Ecwid store to multiple sites, specify the store page URL of your main site as your store location to ensure that this address is used to form the links related to Ecwid store.
3. Click Save.

The Store Location setting doesn’t change your actual store’s web address. This setting only ensures that the right URL is used to form the links related to your Ecwid store. If you use Ecwid Instant Site and want to change its web address, here’s how to update a domain of your Instant Site.
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