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The Storefront URL is the link (URL) to the page where your store can be found. This link should be added to your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Store Profile, the "Store Location" field.

This link is used, for example:

  • in e-mail notifications to customer (e.g., as a base for a link to the orders history in the customer's profile),
  • as a base for the links to your products that someone shares/likes on social pages.
So we highly recommend filling in this field with the correct URL. Usually, the Storefront URL looks like: 
For example, the storefront URL of the Ecwid demo store is

  • Make sure to insert a full path to the page, not only the domain name
  • If your Ecwid store is installed on many sites (e.g. site, blog, Facebook page, etc), use the URL of the main storefront.

If you're not sure what URL to use, open your Ecwid store in a browser and check the address bar. The address there is your Storefront URL.

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