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The Storefront URL is the link (URL) to the page where your store is added. This URL should be added to your Ecwid Control Panel > Settings > General > Store Profile, the "Store Location" field.

It is used, for example:

  • in e-mail notifications to customer (e.g., as a base for a link to the orders history in the customer's profile),
  • as a base for the links to your products that someone shares/likes on social pages.
So we highly recommend filling in this field with the correct URL. Usually, the Storefront URL looks like: 

  • Make sure to insert a full path to the page, not only the domain name
  • If your Ecwid store is installed on many sites (e.g. site, blog, Facebook page, etc), use the URL of the main storefront.
  • If you're not sure what URL to use, open your Ecwid store in a browser and check the address bar. The address there is your Storefront URL. 

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