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Social networks, such as Facebook, have proven to be a great viral source for new customers – people love to share new things with their friends. Along with the most popular Facebook 'Like' button, Ecwid also has these additional share buttons. 

You can enable and disable the Share buttons  in your Ecwid Control Panel → Design, the Sidebar section:


You can show the following Share buttons:

  • Twitter button. Twitter, with its 140 million active users, is a great way to promote your products and inform your customers about your store’s news. Users can now easily tweet a link to a product in our store – we will even suggest for them to follow your store’s Twitter account (if you’ve entered it in the settings).
  • Google+ button. Google pushes its social network very actively and there is already a lot of people who prefer Google+ to Facebook. Ecwid now has the Google+ Share button, which looks very similar to Google’s “+1″ one, however it is designed specially for sharing. 
  • Pin it button: Pinterest is the third popular social network in US (after Facebook and Twitter), so it can bring you a lot of traffic. 
  • VK button: VK is the most popular social network in Russia, so if you’re targeting customers from Russia, this button will be very useful.

Share buttons in the storefront

You can track Facebook likes and dislikes for a product. See the instruction: How to track Facebook likes and unlikes in an Ecwid store?
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