Adding the seller tax number to invoice

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Displaying some kind of seller registration ID on invoices is required in most European and a few other countries. For instance, in the UK VAT Reg No is required, P.IVA is obligatory in Italy, ABN - in Australia, etc.

Ecwid provides an easy tool for specifying company tax registration ID, so that you can quickly adjust your invoices to meet the requirements. You can add a business registration number to your store's invoices under "Invoice" tab settings in your Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → Invoice.

Ecwid automatically detects your country based upon your IP address and sets the tax id name. If this is incorrect, you can click on ‘pencil’ icon and edit the default name of tax registration ID.

Once added, the tax ID will be displayed on all invoices in your store:

The specified tax ID number will additionally be included to the order notifications sent to your customers by email. By default, the ID number is displayed in the footer of the letter:

If you wish to adjust its position in the letter, please refer to the article on Mail Notifications Variables to know the exact variable you need to move.

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