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That's great when your customers share the info about their purchases in your store in their social nets accounts. But sometimes you may want to do it yourself.

Ecwid lets you inform your friends on Facebook and Twitter about a product in your store. To do that you need to log in to your Ecwid control panel → Catalog, click on the product you would like to announce and at the bottom of the right panel click Twitter or Facebook icon.


If you're not yet logged into the account of the social tool you've selected, you'll be asked to do that.

When sharing the product on Twitter, the product name and link are automatically added to the text field. You're welcome to add some text of your own, if there's enough space left. Click Twit to sent the message to your Twitter.

To share the product on Facebook, click the Facebook icon. In the Share dropdown menu you can select, where you prefer to share it: on your own timeline, on your friend's timeline, in a group or in your page. You can also select the audience: public, your friends, yourself (if you're testing the share feature, for example) or a custom list of Facebook users. Besides the product name, its link, description and product thumbnail (that can be disabled, if you wish, or changed to another one, if your product has alternative images in the gallery) you can also add some message to your announcement. Click Share link to publish your message on Facebook.

I've shared my product on Facebook but the shared URL mention instead of my site. Why?

Ecwid is an AJAX application, it means that products, categories and all the other content of your store is delivered to a visitor dynamically using JavaScript. This allows you to easily use your Ecwid storefront on numerous web sites, blogs and social networks simultaneously, never care of system upgrades or other boring technical stuff and deliver your store to your clients faster than other shopping carts can. 

On Facebook, when you share a link, Facebook requests the content of the page to be shared and surrounds the placed link with downloaded text and images. However Facebook cannot parse JavaScript code, thus if you just share a link to your Ecwid product page, it won't work - Facebook could not add the appropriate description and photo to such link. In order to overcome this limitation of Facebook, a special tool ('sharer') is used in Ecwid - it allows to represent every product with a special HTML page on our server that works with Facebook. Such HTML pages are requested from your Starter Site, that's why a link you try to share mention your this URL (like The requested page contains all the necessary data about the product in the format Facebook understands, so the link will be accompanied with the right description and picture of your product. Another good thing about the special sharing links: when a visitor clicks such a link on Facebook, it redirects them to the corresponding product page in your store, so neither you nor your customer need to worry about the fact your likes are linked to Ecwid internal URLs.

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