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Zapier is a web automation tool which enables you to automate tasks between online apps. With the help of Zapier you can connect Ecwid with other apps to get the functionality you need.

  1. How it works
  2. How to connect Ecwid with Zapier
  3. Popular use cases

How it works

Zapier connects apps by means of a Zap – a link between two apps. A Zap looks like this: "When I get a new thing in A, do this other thing in B." The first part is the Trigger and the second part is the Action.

Here are the supported Ecwid Triggers and Actions:

Supported Triggers
New Customer - Triggers when a new customer is added to your Ecwid account.
New Product - Triggers when a new product is added to your Ecwid store.
New Order - Triggers when a new order is created in your Ecwid store.
New Paid Order - Triggers when a new paid order is created in your Ecwid store.
New Unfinished Order - Triggers when a new unfinished order is created in your Ecwid Store

Supported Actions
Create Customer - Create a new customer.
Create Product - Create a new product.
Create Order - Create a new order.
Create discount coupon - Create a new discount coupon.

How to connect Ecwid with Zapier

To get started with Ecwid, in your Zapier account start creating the Zap you want. Once you set the trigger and the action you will be prompted to connect Ecwid account.

Next, you will need to name this Ecwid account. The name can be anything you want, it is used to help you identify the account inside Zapier.

You should get a pop-up from Ecwid asking you to sign in and authorize the connection between your Ecwid account and Zapier.

After you sign in and give the permissions to the app, you'll be sent back to your zap where you have your Ecwid account connected.

Now you can continue creating your Zap.


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