How to show that the store checkout is secure?

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Ecwid transfers all sensitive information via secure HTTPS protocol. So when your customers go to checkout they see the padlock icon on the checkout page and  know that these pages are SSL secure. 

There are several ways to show that the checkout is secure in even more prominent way.

Add SSL Seals to your site

These seals are created by Qualiteam design team

You can add them to your site to show your customers that your checkout is secure.

For white background

For black background

PSD files


Comodo seals

VeriSign seal

Thawte seal

RapidSSL seals

GeoTrust seals

Change the SSL Encrypted popup

Please, follow these steps to change SSL Encrypted popup:

  1. Grab this image:
  2. Edit this image in any image editor. Change the look of the button or translate it.
  3. Upload this image to your server or to any image hosting.
  4. Add the following CSS code to your Ecwid store:
    div.ecwid-AddressForm-SSLencryptedPopup { 
      background: transparent url(icons/SSLencrypted.png) no-repeat; 
  5. Replace the icons/SSLencrypted.png with the real absolute path to the modified image. For example:
    div.ecwid-AddressForm-SSLencryptedPopup { 
      background: transparent url( no-repeat;

That's all.

For more details on how to add any CSS code to your store or create a custom CSS theme, refer to this article: How to change Ecwid design

Add McAfee SECURE trustmark to your store

McAfee SECURE app allows to show your visitors that your online store is safe. You can add the McAfee SECURE trustmark to your product pages, shopping cart, and checkout pages. The app also gets your site scanned for malware, viruses, and other malicious activities.

As a result it allows to increase sales and conversions by reminding visitors that you site is part of the SECURE web.

The McAfee SECURE app is paid with free trial.

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