Opening the store in a page, not in a pop-up

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When you add store widgets, like search, minicart, categories menu, to a site page separate from Product browser widget – the main store widget, the store will open in a pop-up. This pop-up contains the whole store and works just fine. But in some cases it is more convenient to open the store on the page instead of the pop-up.
It is possible to setup Ecwid in more convenient way, when your product browser is installed on one page, but you have minicart/vertical categories/search box on all other pages of your site with the help of ecwid_ProductBrowserURL option.

How Ecwid works by default:

  • if a visitor uses the "minicart/vertical categories/search" box widget and the product browser is installed on this page, all actions will be made in it.
  • if he/she does it, but the product browser doesn't exist on the page, the pop-up window with the product browser will be created on this page
In order to get rid of this pop-up, you should use the ecwid_ProductBrowserURL option. If it's set up, Ecwid works in such way:
  • if the visitor uses the "minicart/vertical categories/search" box widget and the product browser isn't installed on this page, he/she will be redirected to the page where the product browser is installed and then the necessary actions will be performed.
For example if a customer searches for a product on the page without a product browser, s/he will be redirected to a page with it and then Ecwid will show the search results on this page.

How to set up this option

In order to use it, you need to add the following JavaScript code to all pages, where Ecwid widgets are installed:

<script>var ecwid_ProductBrowserURL = "PB_URL";</script>

where PB_URL is the full URL of the page where your product browser widget (i.e. your Ecwid store) is installed.

For example: 

<script>var ecwid_ProductBrowserURL = "";</script>
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