How to alter "No Image Available" thumbnails

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If you want to remove "No Image Available" thumbnails, use this custom CSS code:

div.ecwid-noimage, div.ecwid-noimage-small { 

If you want to replace such images with your own ones, perform these steps:

  • Create a new image
  • Make sure your new icon is available on the Web. You can upload it to your web hosting or use image hosting like Flickr.
  • Add the following custom CSS code to your custom theme: 
    div.ecwid-noimage { background-image:url('IMAGE_URL'); } 

    where IMAGE_URL is a path to your custom image

  • Save changes and hit "reload" to see the changes in your shop. 
  • If you want to replace such images on the cart page too, apply thiscode:
    div.ecwid-noimage-small { background-image:url('SMALL_IMAGE_URL'); }

    where SMALL_IMAGE_URL is a path to your small custom image (80x80 px)



The "no-image" picture with the transparent background. You can use it if your page and store background is custom and isn't white. 

Apply this CSS code: 

div.ecwid-noimage { 

div.ecwid-noimage-small { 


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