Facebook store does not show on mobiles. What should I do? (Outdated)

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This article is about Ecwid old integration with Facebook. We strongly recommend that you use the new integration. See the details and instructions in our article about Facebook shop. When you use new integration, your store shows on mobile just fine.

Ecwid is designed to work on any platform. Ecwid supports responsive layout that allows Ecwid shops to adapt to different screens. 

Facebook has certain restrictions hindering the work of applications on mobiles, and it impacts all Facebook apps, not only Ecwid.

Please see the detailed reasons in our guide on the topic.


In such cases, we commonly recommend our customers to post a link to their Ecwid Starter Site (yours is always available in your Ecwid Control Panel → Starter Site) somewhere on their Facebook store page, so that the customers viewing the site from mobiles could open your store and make orders. Starter Site has a fully responsive layout, so it will be displayed accurately on mobiles. You can check its appearance in our Demo store.

To get your store visible on mobile devices in Facebook, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Starter Site 
  2. Copy the link below "Starter Site URL".
  3. Go to your Facebook page and click + Add a button:


  1. Choose "Shop Now" from the drop down list:


  1. Add a link to your Starter Site and click Add Button:


Now the Shop Now button will lead to your responsive store page where your customers will be able to shop from any mobile device.

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