Adding Terms & Conditions to your e-commerce site

Website terms and conditions (T&C), also referred to as "terms of service" or "terms of use," represent a legal pact between your business and the users of your site. They enable you to exclude users who abuse your site, maintain your legal rights against potential site abusers and more.

Although not compulsory, it is highly recommended to add T&C to legal information on your website in order to protect you, your business, and your customers in case of a legal dispute.

Writing T&C

When drafting a T&C agreement for your site, consider including information related to the following areas:

  • Ownership of the site
  • Copyright for the material offered on the website and store pages
  • Liabilities and responsibilities of your business
  • Requirements to use the store, e.g. whether registration is required

Below are sample templates of T&C to use on your website:

These are just sample T&C texts. You should seek professional legal advice to include there requirements that are unique to your business.

Publishing T&C

After drafting your T&C content, you should publish the terms on your website so that they are available to your site visitors. Usually, a link to the T&C page is placed in the site’s footer menu.

If you are using Ecwid Instant Site, you can add a T&C page that will be automatically linked to the site bottom:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Settings → General.
  2. Open the Legal Pages tab.
  3. Enable the Terms & Conditions page.
  4. Click Edit to unfold the page's settings and content form.
  5. Specify the title for your terms page.
  6. Enter the content.
  7. Save the changes.

If you’ve added an Ecwid store to your own website, you can create a separate page within your site editor, add the T&C content to it and link this page to your site’s footer. Additionally, you can require your customers to accept the T&C on your site by adding a checkbox to your store’s checkout with a link that sends your customers to the T&C page.

It is also possible to link the same T&C document to different places (e.g. at checkout in your store and any other place on your site) while managing the T&C content from one place, your Ecwid admin. For this, you can add T&C to your store settings following the steps above, then form a link to the T&C document and place the link to the preferred place on your site.

Requiring customers to agree to T&C before checkout

Due to your local laws or the type of business, you may need to ask for explicit consent with your website T&C before buyers make online purchases.

To require your customers to accept your website’s terms before checkout in your Ecwid store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Settings → General.
  2. Open the Legal Pages tab.
  3. Enable the Show “I agree with Terms & Conditions” checkbox at checkout setting.
  4. Save the changes.
Already have published T&C on a separate page on your website? You can send your customers to it from the store’s checkout. For this, click on Edit next to the Terms & Conditions, choose the Show on a separate URL option and specify the link to the T&C page in the URL of the page containing this legal info field.

Once you do so, customers will need to check a box agreeing to T&C before purchasing anything in your online store:

Agree with terms and conditions

Editing "I agree with T&C" text at checkout

When you require customers to agree to your T&C before checkout, customers see a checkbox on the cart page that usually says "I agree with..." and then goes the list of the legal pages in your store.

The names of legal pages: You can change the names of the legal pages in your Ecwid admin, Settings → General → Legal pages page:


"I agree with" text: You can edit the "I agree with" text and add your custom message using the Store Label Editor. See the instructions in the article: Changing text labels in your Ecwid store.

If you sell wine, brewery, or any other alcohol, use the “I agree with Terms & Conditions” checkbox for age verification. Change the text to something like "I confirm that I'm over 21 and agree with Terms & Conditions". Thus, customers will confirm that they are over 21 before the purchase. 

Sample T&C templates

Below you can find sample Terms & Conditions texts. You should seek professional legal advice to customize the texts in order to reflect your local laws and unique business needs.

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