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Dwolla is a United States e-commerce company that provides an online payment system and mobile payments network.​

How to set up?

  1. If you have Dwolla account, please, login to the dashboard here http://dwolla-ecwid.herokuapp.com/ using your Dwolla credentials. Otherwise, you will need to create new account on Dwolla site first: https://www.dwolla.com/
  2. Find API Login IdTransaction Key and MD5 Hash Value on the Dashboard page
  3. Login to Ecwid control panel and navigate to System Settings → Payment page.
  4. Under Payment Methods: Rename one of the methods you are not using to "Dwolla" and click Apply.
  5. Under payment processor column click Change and select Credit Card: Authorize.Net SIM and click Apply.
  6. Under payment processor column: Click Account Details. A pop-up window will appear to enter your merchant information.
  7. Using the information in the "Merchant Information" section from Dwolla Dashboard that you received on step #2, fill in every field with the necessary information and click Save.
  8. Verify that the payment method is set to Enabled.
  9. You're Done!
This emulation method does not have support for webhooks, therefore the transaction status of the order will remain as “Awaiting payment”. Be sure to check that transaction status is processed before shipping any items. The order number and invoice number included in your transaction details on dwolla.com.
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