Removing product SKUs

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Product SKU is displayed in Ecwid in the following places:

  • the product details page
  • the 'Place Order' page
  • the 'Thank you for your order' page
  • the invoice page

If you want to hide products’ SKU everywhere in the customer area of your Ecwid store, disable it in your Ecwid Control Panel → Design, the Appearance section:




If you want to keep SKU displayed in some of the mentioned places (with hiding it in the others) then use the code below depending on the page where you need to hide the SKU. You should add the corresponding code to your active CSS theme in your Ecwid Control Panel → Design. Scroll down to the Customize the Look of Your Store section and click Create theme button. Please remember to activate the theme and save the changes after the codes are added.

Hide SKU on the product details page

div.ecwid-productBrowser-details-rightPanel div.ecwid-productBrowser-sku {
display: none;

Hide SKU on the 'Place order' page

table.ecwid-Invoice-itemsTable .ecwid-productBrowser-sku {
display: none;

Hide SKU on the 'Thank you for your order' page

div.ecwid-Invoice span.ecwid-Invoice-productDescr-sku {
display: none;

Hide SKU on the printable invoice template

Please, refer to the following article to know how to edit your Invoice templates.

To hide the product's SKU in particular places of your store choose the corresponding rules from the list above and add them to the end of your custom CSS theme.

For more information on Ecwid CSS themes and storefront customization, refer to this article: How to change Ecwid Design?

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