I logged in to my Ecwid control panel and don't see my products, I see demo products instead

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Most likely you have logged in to another account that is assigned to your store.
For example:
  • you created an Ecwid account using email and password
  • then you tried to log in using your other account: Google Account, Facebook profile or PayPal account.
Since your store is assigned to an account with email and password and isn't associated with any of the social accounts, Ecwid creates a new store with demo products for you.
Or else:
  • you created an Ecwid store via your social profile, e.g. Facebook
  • then you' tried to log in using another profile which isn't associated with Ecwid, e.g., Gmail one
The result is the same, Ecwid creates a new store.

How to fix it

Log in using the correct account.
If you're not sure what account to use, perform these steps:
  • go to the my.ecwid.com page
  • click the "Forgot your password?" link
  • enter your email and press "Reset password" button
  • you will get an email with special link that will allow you to set new password for your account. Log in using your email and new password.
If you're not sure what e-mail to use, please contact us at login-issues@ecwid.com and send a link to your store. We will help you.
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