"Sorry, we do not ship to this location" error on checkout

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This error shows that the shipping address entered by the buyer is not in the list of zones where your store ships to. The solution depends on what shipping method type you are using.

1) For custom shipping methods

You should make sure you have configured your Zones correctly. Please refer to this article to learn about Zones setup: Destination zones

2) For carrier-calculated shipping methods 

In case of carrier calculated rates (like UPS, USPS, etc), the exact shipping zone for each method is defined by the carrier. The moment Ecwid displays the shipping rates it has connected to the carrier site to get the shipping rates. For successful connection your Ecwid control panel must have correct details of your account registered as the carrier site.

The following troubleshooting steps are recommended in the first place:

1. Make sure shipping zones are setup correctly. Please refer to these instructions: Destination zones

2. Check whether your carrier account credentials submitted in the Ecwid control panel are correct. For that, go to 'Settings' -> Shipping -> click on 'Carrier-calculated' link -> 'Account details'

3. Test the method via the same 'Account details' window: click 'Test method' button and see if there are any errors.

Usually the errors mean that the account details are wrong or your carrier account is in test mode which does not allow receiving live rates.

4. Make sure that the parcel type and parcel dimensions are setup correctly under 'Account details' -> 'Settings'.

5. Make sure you enabled the shipping services that provide delivery to your destination zones. For ex., you want to ship from US to Canada and turn on UPS Ground shipping method which doesn't deliver to Canada. As a result, customer from Canada will receive 'Sorry we do not ship to this location' warning. 

You should enable the shipping methods that serve the areas of your destination zones: in Ecwid control panel, System Settings -> Shipping -> 'Carrier-calculated' link.

If the error still appears, please contact us using this contact form: https://help.ecwid.com/customer/en/portal/emails/new We will check your store and provide you with a solution.

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