How to display custom text under "Checkout" button on "Your Shopping Bag" page

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In some cases you may need to display some text on the cart page - for example, you may want to inform your customers about your discount coupons, or provide some other important info your clients should know before they proceed to checkout. 

For this purpose we have created an empty language variable, that you can fill in with any text required. Your text will be displayed under the Checkout button. For example, have a look at the "Thank you for your order!" message on the screenshot:

To add your custom text under the Checkout button, please add the following Javascript code to the same page you have your Ecwid widgets integration codes added to:

ecwidMessages = {
"ShoppingCartView.custom_terms_n_conditions":"YOUR CUSTOM MESSAGE"

with you own text instead of YOUR CUSTOM MESSAGE.

More info on how to change text in Ecwid

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