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MOLPay is a multi-currency payment gateway in Southeast Asia. It accepts credit cards and cash payments for online purchases, through physical outlets such as convenience stores and bookstores.

How to set up

  1. Log in to your Ecwid control panel and open the "System Settings → Payment" page. 
  2. Rename “DEMO PAYMENT” method (or any other one you don't use) to MOLPay Malaysia Online Payment Gateway  (Accept VISA, MasterCard, Maybank2u, FPX, etc.). or any other name.
  3. For Payment Processor, please choose the "Authorize.Net SIM" option, and click [Apply] Then click on [Enable] to enable this payment method for your store. 
  4. Click [Account details] link, a pop-up will appear. Click the "Advanced settings" link, and key in the details accordingly:
  5. Then save all changes. For test account, please tick "Enable Test Mode (no charges)" and save all changes.
  6. Sign in to your MOLPay Merchant Admin and insert callback URL and return URL:
    Return URL
    Callback URL
  7. You’re done! Now you can try use MOLPay Payment Gateway at the shop front by going thru a complete purchase procedure. 
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