Last updated is a discovery shopping search engine. Ecwid allows exporting your products to this system and using it as an additional sales channel: customers search for products at, find interesting items, and customers, who click on your ad, will be directed to your website where they can buy your item.

This is a good way to promote your store and the best part is that doesn't charge for their merchant program: It is free. 

How to set up 

1. First if all, log in to the Ecwid control panel, open the "Promotion → Google Shopping" page and enable the "Google Shopping" feature. (Please note, it is available for all Business and Unlimited plans.)

2. Copy the Feed URL and save it somewhere. 

3. Create an account in TheFind's merchant center: You should provide additional information about your store such as name, web address, or description. This information will appear on TheFind site with your product listings.

4. Verify your website, where Ecwid store is installed, complete the signup process. There are two ways to do that:

  • Add a blank HTML file with a special name to the root site web-directory
  • Become an Upfront merchant (it is free) and place the code of the button, badge, or link to your homepage.

Once you complete either way, press "Verify".

NOTE: in order to verify your website you need to upload a new HTML file to your website or add some HTML/JavaScript code to the site homepage. Not all sitebuilders or platforms allow inserting extra files or codes. If you are using a sitebuilder/platform on your web-site, you should make sure you're allowed to do such changes to the site. 

5. After completing all the sign-up steps and verifying your store, you will be able to log into your merchant center account at to configure your feed. Please to to the "Product info - Product Feed Upload" page. 

6. Enter the following settings 

  • Select Feed Format = Googlebase 
  • Select File Type = xml 
  • Select Upload method =  Scheduled fetch   
  • Specify web address = Ecwid Feed URL your got at step 2) 
  • Email Notification Frequency = Always or  Only with Error 
  • Email Address for feed notifications =  Your email address 
  • Target Country = The country where most of your customers are

Then click "Save".  

NOTE: TheFind says that feed processing takes a few days.

7. After that you can optimize your feed further in TheFind's control panel: upload your store logo to stand out more on the  search results page, update tax and shipping rates, input  local store information, register your Facebook page to get more "Likes", and set up sales & promotions (e.g. coupons) to drive more sales. 

More information is available at TheFind's FAQ.

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