How can I contribute to Ecwid translations?

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Ecwid is already translated to many languages. Nowadays the amount of countries where Ecwid is used is constantly growing. Therefore we created a special tool, which is intended to ease the translation experience:

We suggest using this tool in case you want to translate Ecwid to a new language or you found some issues/typos/errors in built-in Ecwid translations.

How to submit translations

Any merchant can use our translation tool and suggest their variant of translation for any label in storefront or control panel. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open 
  2. Choose your language from the list and click your language icon
  3. Click “Ecwid Store Front” link. The program will ask you to login. In order to start translating, you can easily sign in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account
  4. Start translating

NOTE: In case the label you want to translate already has a translation, please leave a note in the comments field on the right with the explanation of why your variant is better.

If you want to help us with translations to the language, which is not in the list yet, please let us know.

When new translations will appear in Ecwid?

We will see all the committed labels and add them to one of the upcoming Ecwid updates. 

Can I translate Ecwid Control Panel to my language?

Yes, please follow this link: Ecwid Control Panel translations.

You may want to change some texts locally in your Ecwid storefront. Please see the following article with the instruction how to achieve this: Custom Translations.

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