Where can I add Ecwid?

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Ecwid can be integrated into any website, blog, or social network page. Or in several places at the same time: Ecwid is a wonderful solution to open multiple selling channels for your business.
Facebook, Joomla, WordPress, Wix — these are just some of the most popular platforms or site-builders that offer built-in plugins for Ecwid. You can find setup instruction for many other website platforms in our help center.
If you have a custom web site, you can embed Ecwid there as well. It is possible to add Ecwid to any site that allows embedding HTML/JavaScript code. All you need is:

  • Create a free Ecwid account at my.ecwid.com
  • Get the integration code through the setup wizard on Dashboard page in your Ecwid control panel or generate it: Generate your code
  • Add the Ecwid integration code to the source code of your web-page.

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