Saving orders to Google Sheets with Zapier

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Sometimes it is necessary to have the orders from your store to be transferred to Google Sheets. This is a great instrument for managing your orders or creating reports. Now you can have your orders sent from Ecwid to Google Sheets automatically.

This can be done with the help of Zapier. Please see step-by-step instruction below.

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Getting started

You need just two things: paid account in Ecwid and an account in Zapier.

Connecting Ecwid to Zapier

  1. Make a new Zap
  1. Choose Ecwid as trigger app
  1. Select New Order
  1. Connect a new account
  1. Login to your Ecwid account if prompted and grant permissions
  1. Now your Ecwid account is connected
  1. Select orders statuses that will evoke creating a new zap
  1. Test the first part of your zap
  1. Test successful!

Connecting Google Sheets to Zapier

  1. Login to your Google account, open a new tab and create a new spreadsheet ( for your orders from Ecwid, Zapier will add orders there as new lines.
  2. Return to your Zapier tab.
  3. Select Google Sheets on the apps list as action app
  1. Select Create Spreadsheet row
  1. Connect a new account
  1. Grant permissions
  2. Select the spreadsheet you have created and a worksheet where your orders will be added

  1. Select the desired Ecwid fields that you want to add to the spreadsheet
Please see the full list of available fields here: If you do not see the field you need when creating a zap, create an order where this field is not empty, and it will appear on the list
  1. Click Create and Continue
  1. Test successful!


Name your zap and turn it on

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