Adding advanced search and filters to a store

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If you have a large product base advanced product search will allow your customers navigate in the store faster and more efficiently.

Ecwid App Market features a few apps that allow to add advanced search to your store and enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

CloudSearch: Search as You Type With Suggestions and Autocorrect

CloudSearch app improves the Ecwid's search functionality by adding suggestions and spelling corrections to the terms a customer uses. It also shows top results right after the text has been typed – no time wasting here!
  • Search as you type with real-time suggestions and spelling corrections
  • Blazingly fast and relevant search results
  • Search statistics and analytics 
  • Promotions and synonyms for fine-tuning the search engine

The app can also provide stats on the keywords without any results and a Synonyms + Promotions features. Synonyms allow a merchant to associate two similar or completely random words so that they have similar search results. Promotions help to promote specific products for specific search queries.

The app is paid with the 30-days free trial period.

Clickable Brand

Clickable Brand app allows to improve navigation in your store by making the 'Brand' attribute clickable, which allows to filter the products by brand. Please refer to this article for details on how to assign the "Brand" attribute to your products: Product Types and Attributes

This is a paid app with 14-day free trial.

Filter by Color

Filter by Color app adds the following features to your store:
  • Your customers can filter catalog for single or multiple colors
  • You can add color filters for a clean, organized layout – your colors will become a part of parent categories
  • You can create and add your personal color collections to speed up the process

This app is free.

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