Offering free samples

There are many ways how you can promote your store and increase sales. One of them is offering free samples which can help you to:

  • inform you consumers about new products
  • engage customers to “test drive” the product before purchasing it
  • attract new customers
  • liquidate inventory

This is how you can offer free samples in Ecwid.

How to offer free samples

You can create separate products with weight, images, etc. and zero price. A customer will be able to add such products to the cart separately or as a part of the order and go to checkout.

In case the free products require shipping the customer will enter the shipping address, place the order as usual, and pay for it.

However if you want to ship samples for free, you can apply the free shipping freight for these products (Ecwid Control Panel → Catalog → Products → Product details → Tax and shipping). With such setting this product will always have free shipping.

In case the free products do not require shipping, you should untick This product requires shipping option in your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog → Products → Product details page, and attach a file to it which your customers will be able to download when the order is placed. The details can be found here: I want to offer free promotional E-Goods. Is it possible?

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