How to follow up customers on unfinished orders?

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Follow up with your customers

Sometimes customers don’t complete payment during checkout for various reasons, and in this case all information about these abandoned sales, including customer emails, gets displayed in Abandoned Sales section in Ecwid Dashboard > My Sales page.

You can follow up such customers in the following ways:

1) You can manually contact customers by clicking on their email addresses in Abandoned Sales section and sending personalized emails to them one by one via your email client:

 2) You can send out automatic notifications about unfinished orders via Zapier Web Apps Connector app from Ecwid App Market.

Create a Zapier account (it’s free)

Open to the description page for Zapier Web Apps Connector in Ecwid App Market. Сlick on “Get app” button and create an account on Zapier website (you will be automatically redirected there).

Configure Zapier to send notifications to your customers

1. On the first step you should open Zapier app, click on “Make a zap!” button, and name your zap.

2. Trigger - set up this step by doing the following:

  • Сhoose Ecwid app as the trigger.
  • Select “New unfinished order” option on the right, click Save+Continue.
  • Make sure that you have at least one recent order created and test this step.

3. Proceed to the Action step (that would be sending email via Gmail in this case) and do the following:

  • Choose Gmail as application for action.
  • Choose “Send Email” option on the right, click Save+Continue.
  • Specify Gmail account from which email reminders should be sent. It can be your current email address or you can create a new Gmail account to send these notifications only.
  • Set up template for emails, which will be sent to customers with abandoned sales (please see our tips below). Test this step, turn it on, and it’s done!

Tips on editing template for automatic followups via Zapier

Here are some tips about editing template for Gmail notifications via Zapier. They will be useful on the 3rd step - setting up the Action for zap:

- For To field select Customer email address option:

- CC and BCC fields are optional, but you can insert your own email address in BCC if you want to make sure that the customer received notification.

- In Body you can add not only a reminder to come back to your store, but also ask customers for feedback. It can give you a better view on how to improve your site to increase online sales. Also, you can provide your customers with a coupon code to get them back on your website.


— What is Zapier

Zapier is a multi-purpose tool which allows to connect over 500 popular web apps and services to your online store. When creating a "zap” in Zapier Web Apps Connector app, you can define an “action” and set it up to be repeated after certain “triggers”.

An example of a “trigger” might be a new unfinished order in your store. And an example of the resulting "action" can be sending an email to every customer who abandoned shopping cart for some reason. Please check this article for other popular use cases: Zapier

— How to send notifications via messengers instead of email

In the above example we explained how to send automatic followups regarding abandoned carts using Gmail, but you can choose another trigger app or service and set it up in similar way. For example, you can get in touch with customers via messenger or SMS. Before setting up automatic followups, make sure that the service you want to use can be connected to Ecwid via Zapier - just search for it here.

— How much does it cost

Zapier Web Apps Connector is a free app from Ecwid App Market that is available to all paid Ecwid plans.

With help of Zapier app you can create a huge variety of other notifications - get SMS on your mobile device about new paid orders, send emails to customers about new orders and so on. Note that some of these options like SMS or calls require to fund your Zapier account, so you may need to subscribe to the paid version for using them.


Ecwid App market is available for all paid users Upgrade to access Ecwid App Market
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