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Ecwid will seamlessly integrate with your existing DoodleKit website — there’s no need to create a store from scratch or deal with mounds of code. Sell your inventory from as many websites as you’d like; your Ecwid-powered DoodleKit shopping cart can be managed conveniently from one location. 

How to add Ecwid store to a DoodleKit site

You can add your Ecwid store to a DoodleKit site is with the help of Ecwid integration codes (Ecwid widgets). You can get the codes for your store on “Create your online store” step in Ecwid Onboarding Wizard or from this article: Ecwid Widgets.

You need to open the editor for the part of the website you want to add the store. So you need to open this page and select the PAGE editor 

On the page editor page switch to HTML mode by clicking <> icon and add Ecwid widget code to the text field and click "Save":

That's it! The store will appear on the site after you publish the page.


How to change store layout

You can change the store layout by modifying Ecwid product browser code. Please check this page for detailed instructions: How to change the store layout

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