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Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay (USA and Canada)

Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay provides a simple, user-friendly and secure way for individuals and businesses to accept credit and debit card payments online. This payment option is available to Ecwid merchants from the US and Canada.

Setting up Chase Integrated Payments in Ecwid stores is no longer available. However, you can continue using Chase if you've already set it up in your store.

Setting up Chase Integrated Payments

Before you begin setting up Chase Integrated Payments in your Ecwid store, make sure that:

  • your country is set to the USA or Canada. You can select the country in your Ecwid admin in Settings → General → Store profile.
  • your currency is set to the US dollar or CA dollar accordingly. You can choose your currency in the Ecwid admin in Settings → General → Regional settings.
  • products or services that you sell are not within Prohibited Activities listed in the Terms of Service.
  • you have added the real store name in your Ecwid admin in Settings → General → Store profile. This information will show up on your customers' credit card statements when they process a sale and will help you prevent chargebacks, so it's important that this field has the real name of your store.

To enable Chase Integrated Payments in your Ecwid store:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Payment.
  2. Scroll to More options to accept online payments and select Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay from the Choose Payment Method dropdown:


  1. Click Enable Now.
  2. You will get an email from Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay to confirm your account. Click Confirm in the email:


  1. You will be sent to the site where you’ll need to set a password for your Chase Integrated Payments account.
  2. After setting the password you will be returned to your Ecwid admin. Click Verify Now:


  1. You will be directed to the site:
    • fill in your account details and click Submit.
    • enter settlement details and click Add Bank.

That's it. Chase Integrated Payments payment option is set up in your store and will be available for your customers at checkout.

It will take 24 hours for Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay to verify your account information, after that you are ready to process payments.

Testing Chase Integrated Payments

To make sure that Chase Integrated Payments is properly set up and you are ready to accept payments online, you can place a test order in your store as a customer:

  1. In your Ecwid admin, go to Catalog → Products.
  2. Add a new product with $1 price.
  3. Go to your store front page.
  4. Add the product to the cart as if you were a customer.
  5. Proceed to checkout and select your Chase Integrated Payments payment option.
  6. Enter your credit card number.
  7. Make sure to use an independent credit card that is not anyhow linked to your Chase Integrated Payments account, otherwise the payment won't go through.
  8. Place the order.

Once the order is successfully placed you will be able to cancel and refund it right in your Ecwid admin.

Viewing transactions and transfers

From the Chase Integrated Payments settings page in your Ecwid admin you can access your gateway's dashboard page where you can manage your profile and view transactions:


Preventing chargebacks

Now that you’re making sales with Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay, you’ll want to do your best to avoid chargebacks from your customers. A chargeback occurs when a cardholder contacts their bank to dispute a charge. Clearly stating your store policies is critical both for earning customer trust, and also for helping your payment processor and bank to defend you against customers’ chargeback requests.

Follow these tips below to create clear billing descriptors and store policies:

— Create a clear Billing Descriptor. 
A billing descriptor is the merchant information that is displayed on a customer’s bank or credit card statement next to the total payment amount. All descriptors from Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay begin with WPY* and conclude with your store name (e.g. WPY*SurfParadise.) To prevent chargebacks you need to ensure that your customers can easily recognize credit charges from your store on bank statements. Here are some examples of descriptors that may cause customer concern: WPY*, WPY*Online Store.

The store name in your Ecwid settings is passed to Chase Integrated Payments gateway to populate the billing descriptor for your customers. When you sign up, the default store name is Online Store. You will want to update this field with the name of your business so your customers easily recognize charges from your store.

To set or update your store name:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to Settings → General → Store Profile.
  2. Enter the name of your business in the Store Name field.
  3. Click Save.

Information from your store profile will also show on your customer’s invoices and receipts. Fill out other fields of your store profile accurately so customers can contact you directly if they have questions about their purchase.

— Share your Billing Terms and Conditions with your customers. 
Post your legal information, including Refund Policy, Shipping and Payment information, and Terms and Conditions clearly on your website. Here you can find more information about adding store policies in Ecwid store.

Make sure that your legal content includes your Chase Integrated Payments billing descriptor.

Also, clarify your return/exchange/refund policies for customers and let them know how to contact your business to resolve questions or concerns. Many chargebacks can be avoided if customers can easily work directly with you to resolve purchase issues.

Issuing refunds

You can issue a full or partial refund for an order paid through Chase Integrated Payments right from your Ecwid admin.

To issue full or partial refund for Chase Integrated Payments:

  1. From your Ecwid admin, go to My Sales → Orders and open the details of the order you want to refund.
  2. Click Transaction details:


  3. Click Refund.
  4. Select Full refund or Partial refund depending on what amount of money you need to return.
  5. (For partial refunds) In the Refund amount field, specify the sum to return.
  6. In the Refund reason field, provide the refund reason.
  7. Click Refund.

That's it. Your customer will receive the refund within 2-5 days.

As you issue a refund, the order will automatically get the Refunded or Partially Refunded status. Both you and your customer will receive confirmation emails on the order status change.

Withdrawing funds

The available funds will be automatically withdrawn to your bank account, provided that you have connected and verified your bank account with Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay.

The withdrawal process will start on the next business day after Chase Integrated Payments will have your account information verified, if your withdrawal frequency is set to daily.

Your withdrawal frequency can be changed to weekly or monthly, in these cases the process will start on the upcoming Monday or the 1st day of the month (if it is a business day).

When will I get the money to my bank account?

The date of your next withdrawal is shown at the top of your dashboard in your merchant center.

Once a withdrawal is initiated, it usually takes 2-5 business days for the funds to be debited in your bank account.

The actual timing heavily depends on when your bank posts the funds, after the money is withdrawn from your Chase Integrated Payments account. The majority of banks will make your funds available on the same day that they receive the transfer. On occasion, banks may additionally take 2-3 business days to do so.

Your first transaction might take longer than 1-2 business days to be processed and deposited to your bank account.

In some situations when the first transaction is made, Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay may review your account to help protect the security of you and your users and mitigate fraud risk. The review can take a few business days, which can delay the first "transaction to deposit" time. However, subsequent transactions should be processed much more quickly as you build more transaction history.

Why was my withdrawal cancelled or charged back?

If you’ve received an email or notification that a withdrawal was cancelled or a chargeback was created, there can be a couple of reasons for that:

  • The username on your Chase Integrated Payments account does not match the legal name listed on the bank account you have entered.
  • The bank account and/or routing number(s) entered does not match what the bank has on file (sometimes from a typo when entered).
    If the bank account had incorrect information, it may have been deleted and the funds would have been returned to your Chase Integrated Payments account. To be sure that the gateway is able to send the funds back to you, please be sure to enter your updated bank information as soon as possible.

Generating sales (withdrawal) reports

You can download the report for each withdrawal in your Chase Integrated Payments account:

  1. Log in to your account with Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay.
  2. Click View all below your balance — this will open a list of all withdrawals that were sent:


  1. Click Download to get the withdrawal report that you want to reconcile:


Updating personal information

If you need to edit your email address, password, contact information, configure notifications, change credit card numbers or bank account information:

  1. Go to Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay merchant center.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on your name in the blue bar at top of the screen.
  4. Click My Settings.

Here you can update your personal information.

If you have lost your password for your profile with Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay or want to reset it on the password recovery page. Type in the email address of your Chase Integrated Payments profile and the system will send out the further instructions to your inbox.

Gateway’s transaction fees

Chase Integrated Payments Powered by WePay take the fees for processing credit and debit cards. The fee is taken from the full order transaction amount and depends on the Ecwid plan you are on:

Chase Integrated Payments transaction fees

  USA (USD) Canada (CAD)
Ecwid Venture 2.85% + $0.30 2.85% + $0.30
Ecwid Business 2.8% + $0.30 2.8% + $0.30
Ecwid Unlimited 2.75% + $0.30 2.75% + $0.30

The fees are automatically deducted from your order transaction amount. Unlike other ecommerce platforms, Ecwid does not charge any transaction fees in addition to the gateway fees.

For Canada — Required regulatory disclosure of fees. One of the key purposes of the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit card industry in Canada is ensuring that merchants are fully aware of the costs associated with accepting credit and debit card payments, thereby allowing merchants to reasonably forecast their monthly costs related to accepting such payments. Below are the fee disclosure for Canadian merchants on each Ecwid plan.

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