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Ecwid Payments provides simple, user-friendly and secure way for individuals and businesses to accept payments online in the Ecwid store. At the moment Ecwid Payments is available for merchants from the US and Canada. 

Setup Ecwid Payments

Follow these steps:

1. Make sure that the store country and currency is set to US or Canada and US dollar and CA dollar accordingly. The screenshots below show the country and currency set to US and US dollar, still the setup steps are the same for both US and Canada. 

2. Add the real store name in your Ecwid Control panel on Settings → General → Store profile page. This information will show up on your customers' credit card statements when they process a sale, so it's important that this field has the real name of your store.

3. Enter your Ecwid control panel and go to System Settings → Payment page. Locate "Credit card" under Payment Methods and click "Change" link under Payment Processor column. In the drop-down box find and choose Credit Card: Ecwid Payments. A setup window will open:

Click "Enable Now". You will get an activation link to your email address. Along with the activation link you will get “Ecwid Payments via WePay” email to confirm your account. The “Confirm” button in the email will direct to the control panel to complete the payment method settings.

4. On the next settings screen you will be prompted to verify your account information. Click Verify Now:

5. Fill in your account details and click Submit:

6. The next step is to connect your bank account. Click "Link your Account" and enter your bank account details and click "Submit":

That's it. Ecwid Payments is setup in your store. 

FAQ and Troubleshooting

What do I need to do to start running real transactions?

It will take 24 hours to verify your account information, after that you are ready to process payments.  

What are the fees to accept credit and debit card payments?

The processing fees are taken from the full order transaction amount and depend on the Ecwid plan you are on. Please find the rates below:

Ecwid Plan Transaction Fee
Free 2.9% + $0.30 USD
Venture, Silver 2.85% + $0.30 USD
Business 2.8% + $0.30 USD
Unlimited 2.75% + $0.30 USD

The fees are automatically deducted from your order transaction amount. Unlike other ecommerce platforms, Ecwid does not charge any transaction fees in addition to payment gateway fees.

Where do I find information on my transactions and transfers?

From the Ecwid Payments settings page in your Ecwid Control panel you will be able to get to your Ecwid Payments dashboard page where you can view your profile and manage transactions.

How to issue a refund?

You can issue a refund for an order in your Ecwid Payments merchant account. You can get there via your Ecwid control panel. Go to Settings -> Payment -> Ecwid Payments -> Account settings, click View Transactions:

You will see the list of transactions. Click the one you want to refund.

On the next screen you can refund the transaction and confirm the refund.

Once the refund is issued you will get an email notification from Ecwid Payments. The order in your store will be automatically switched to "Refunded" status and the customer will get notified via email that the order status was changed.



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