Using Mobile barcode scanner in iOS Ecwid app

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You can use the barcode scanner in the Ecwid iOS mobile app for managing your products and orders. To find it open the main app page or go to orders and products pages.

Product barcode

  1. Scan a UPC code right on your product to find the same item in the catalog:

Scan a barcode to find your product in catalog

  1. Create a new product and add the scanned UPC code:

Scan a barcode and add a new product

  1. Scan a UPC code and add it to any existing product from your catalog:

Scan a barcode to add it to an existing product

Order barcode

Use the barcode scanner to find an order. Hover a camera to a barcode in an invoice:

Barcode in invoice

As a result, the same order will be opened in your mobile app. So, you can update this order right away.

Find order

Shipping tracking number

Feel free to scan a barcode on your shipping tracking number invoice and mark the needed order as Shipped with this tracking number, like this:

Mark order as Shipped

And add this tracking number to the order:

 Add tracking number to order

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