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Product variations is a popular feature for Ecwid merchants. You can use variations for managing products with options: controlling stock, adding separate images to each product option, etc. Check out all the ways of using variations.

Here is a short list of answers to frequent questions along with some tips to use variations effectively in your store.

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What if variation options differ between products?

There may be cases when you do not have consistent options across variations. For example, you have gray t-shirts in sizes XS, S, M and L and yellow t-shirts only in size S and M. You need to make sure your customers do not order yellow t-shirts in XS or L sizes.

For such situations we recommend that you create the variations f yellow t-shirts in XS and L and mark them as "Out of Stock":

Set the non-existing variation as Out of Stock

Here is how it looks in your Control Panel:

Variations in your Control Panel

 Here is how it works in your store for the customers:

Variations in your storefront

Is it possible to use the same SKU for the base product and its variations?

Yes, you can use the same SKU for a product and its variations if you don't need to track inventory for variations separately. However, Ecwid will prompt you to set a unique SKU once you change a variation stock, price, or weight. Once the variation is treated as a separate item, it should have its own SKU.

How to set the default variation?

A default product variation will show in the product details page based on the product's default set of options. For example, if "Gray" is the default option for "Color" and "Small" is default for "Size", the variation "Gray, Small" will be this default variation. Your clients will see this when visiting your product details page for the first time:

Preselected variation

If you do not need any preselected defaults, just check the  Require customer selection button in the Options tab where you edit product details:

Require customer selection

Read more about managing product options.

Is it possible to use bulk discounts for variations? 

Yes, you can offer tiered pricing for each variation based on quantity tiers. You can find the detailed instruction here: Bulk discount pricing

You can also assign separate low stock notification to each variation you create. This message is automatically sent to you when a variation in your Ecwid store has reached a low stock limit.

How to manage variations in bulk

The Bulk Product Editor app helps you to manage your product variations in bulk:

  • update all your products in bulk or filter those you’d like to change
  • update properties like price, weight, quantity, and more
  • add and remove options
  • add and remove option selections
  • enable and disable products in bulk
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Do variations count toward product limits?

Variations don't count towards product limits. Ecwid counts products based off the number of products shown on the Products page in your Ecwid Control Panel.

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