Automated shipping refunds

Most shipping carriers have a money-back guarantee on late deliveries. You can monitor your shipments for late delivery and automatically claim for a full refund with the help of several applications, featured in the Ecwid App Market.


The 71lbs app works with FedEx and UPS shipments and automatically fills the claims for late deliveries on your behalf. The app invoices you for half the amount of refunds recovered each month.

The 71lbs app is available on Ecwid Venture and higher tier plans for free.

Share a refund

If you ship with FedEx, UPS and DHL, you can use the Share a refund app to automatically claim refunds, when you have overpaid for shipping your parcels, and get a share in the delivered savings. With real-time reports and weekly emails, you will be able to track all shipping, auditing and refunding activities on your shipping accounts.

The Share a refund app is available on Ecwid Venture and higher tier plans for free.

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