Using one PayPal account for several Ecwid stores

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If you have several Ecwid stores, you can link them all to one Paypal account. Thus, your customers will place orders in your different stores, but the money will arrive to one PayPal account.
Ecwid takes care about proper values for each storefront. All you need to do is enable the Auto return option:

  1. Log in to your merchant account in the PayPal backend.
  2. Go to Profile → My selling tools → Website Payment Preferences.
  3. Set the Auto return option to Enabled.
As for the Return URL field, you can enter any value there. Ecwid will pass the correct URL along with each payment request, so that every customer returns to the site where they started the checkout. This URL sent by Ecwid overrides a Return URL specified in Paypal account settings. Thus you can put any URL there, for example: where STOREID is your store ID.
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