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Since you can sell literally anywhere with Ecwid, it’s important to note the needs of your online store and the many platforms where you can sell. While we previously covered popular social media sites (Facebook and Instagram) and major marketplaces (Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay), this article focuses on the benefits of selling on Ecwid’s Instant Site and other popular content management systems (CMS) and site builders.

Ecwid Instant Site

As soon as you sign up, Ecwid provides a Instant Site set up as a free landing page for you to start selling online. You can edit its content and design to best showcase your business.

Ecwid protects this page with an SSL on our servers. We take care of all maintenance as well as the uptime and availability. The Instant Site has everything you need to start selling online:

  • an intuitive editor for creating a website – no coding skills required,
  • a professional responsive design so your site looks great on any device,
  • SEO features,
  • free hosting and full maintenance provided by Ecwid,
  • and of course, an online store built into the website.

Ecwid’s Instant Site consists of several editable sections that you can combine to publish information about your company, share your business story with your customers, collect and post customer feedback, provide the location of your offline stores and showcase your products.

Elsewhere on the web

Other platforms across the web can help you customize your online store. Using content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla and popular site builders like Wix and Weebly can help you can create a web presence that truly reflects your store’s brand.

When you choose a solutions other than than Ecwid’s Instant Site, you are responsible for SSL and maintenance.

You can create separate pages for different categories in your store and link from the main menu. If you want to reserve your products for registered users, you can protect your store with a password or limit access to certain categories.

You can add your Ecwid store to any site while keeping Ecwid’s Instant Site active.

Ecwid has special plugins and extensions for WordPress, Joomla and other content management systems (CMS) as well as popular site builders like Wix and Weebly that simplify the setup process. See the full list of plugins for adding Ecwid to any site including custom built sites.

Once you’re all set up, let everyone know where they can shop with you! Make sure your review our Marketing Checklist to help promote your store. Whether you choose to use Ecwid’s Instant Site or any other platform, remember you can always add your store to Facebook and tag your products on Instagram to attract customers.

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