Ecwid landing or own site?

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With Ecwid you have a store that you can add to several places and sell everywhere.

Store on Ecwid landing page aka Starter Site

As soon as you register an Ecwid account, you get a Starter Site – a free landing page with your store. You can edit its content and design to represent your business best and to show your products.

This landing page is protected by SSL, so you do not have to worry about purchasing and installing the certificate. The site runs on Ecwid secure servers, so we take care of maintenance as well as the uptime and availability.

Starter Site has everything you need to start selling online:

  • intuitive editor for creating a unique website with no coding skills required,
  • professional responsive design that makes your site look great on any device,
  • SEO features,
  • free hosting and full maintenance by Ecwid,
  • online store built into the website.

Starter Site consists of several editable sections that you can combine to publish the information about your company, share your business story with your customers, post their feedbacks, show the location of your offline stores and demonstrate your products in a remarkable way.

Store on your own website

If you have your own website, you can add your Ecwid store there and use Starter Site as well. For example, it can act as your mobile-friendly storefront in case your website doesn’t have a mobile version.

When you have a store running on your own website, you need to take care of hosting, SSL and maintenance. However, you can add build the site the way you want, for example, you can create many pages there and add different information there, like some articles, posts, photo collections, etc.

You can create separate pages for different categories in your store, add the categories there and connect to links on the main menu.

If you want to show your products to registered users only, you can protect with password the page with the whole store or some pages with categories.

Ecwid has special plugins and extensions for WordPress, Joomla and other content management systems (CMS) as well as popular site builders like Wix and Weebly that simplify the setup process.

See the full list of Ecwid plugins. If you have a custom built website, you can add your Ecwid store there as well.

No matter what you choose, keep in mind that you can also add your store to Facebook and tag your products in Instagram posts to get more sales.
When you have added your store to all of the places you wanted, you need to let your customers know that they can shop with you! Read about how to promote your store.

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