Color adaptive mode

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When you add your Ecwid store to your website, the store colors can automatically adapt to match the website style. It makes the store look like a natural part of your website.

You can do it with the help of Color Adaptive Mode:

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel → Design.
  2. Scroll to Color Adaptive Mode.
  3. Make sure it is enabled:

Color adaptive mode

If you have added your Ecwid store to several websites, with Color Adaptive Mode enabled, the store colors will adapt to each of the sites. The store will look good on each of your websites.

If you have your Ecwid store added to a website on Wix, you can change the store colors the way you like in the Wix admin area. See the detailed instructions in our article about changing Ecwid store design on your Wix site.
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