Customizing product images

Customize the look and feel of your product images with the help of several preset Design options in your Control Panel.

If you can't find these options at the Design page in your Control Panel, most likely you have an old version of the Control Panel and storefront. Let us know and we'll enable the new version for you.

Changing image size

Ecwid offers three preset sizes for product images in your store. Large images are ideal for products where every detail is essential, medium images offer a well-balanced option and are suitable for most products, while small images allow you to fit more products per page.

Changing image size

Changing image aspect ratio

Ecwid also offers three options for your product images aspect ratio. Use landscape orientation for products with horizontal images, portrait orientation for vertical images, and square images with equal proportions for smaller merchandise.

Image aspect ratio.gif

Darkening image backgrounds

Enable the option to slightly darken the image backgrounds that makes them more prominent on the page. The option is enabled for all the products in the catalog.

Darken backgrounds.gif

See how to change the product and catalog pages with the help of preset design options.
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