Custom design: DIY

Some stores require customization beyond what our templates offer. In this case you can create a completely unique theme on your own or with the help of a professional. This article is about how to create a unique design on your own.

Developing a custom CSS theme

Building a CSS theme from scratch requires knowledge of web design, HTML, and CSS. If you want to design your store on your own, we suggest creating your own CSS theme. This set of CSS codes gives you control over every visual element in your store including shape, size, color, and format.

You can create your own CSS themes in your Ecwid Control Panel → Design. Before you begin, please check out the section about editing CSS themes of your store.

Changing the design with Javascript API

If you are a developer and want to improve Ecwid’s storefront, you can build a completely new CSS theme just for your store and promote it as an app on the Ecwid App Market. The Ecwid Javascript API allows you to integrate with Ecwid on a deeper level. It provides access to events (page changed, cart changed), entities (product, cart, order) and others.

To get access to the Ecwid Javascript API, please register as a developer on our Developer Portal.

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