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The images you choose to display in your online store have technical and aesthetic qualities. Picking the right size and orientation can help produce a great shopping experience for your online customers.

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Main product image

All images have two sizes: pixels (the space on the screen) and kilobytes (the storage unit).

To balance a size that’s big enough to display your product and small enough to load quickly, we recommend 1000 x 1000 pixels at 200 KB for the main product image.

This balance is key when loading product images to your catalogue. While Ecwid will accept images of any size and optimize those images to fit your customer’s screen, large images can slow down your site. The last thing we want to see is a customer leaving your site because they grew impatient waiting for the page to load.

Images in the catalog page

Customize the size of your product images. Choose between small, medium, and large in the Image Size section in your Ecwid Control Panel → Design:

Change image size

You can also adjust the ratio for your images in the Image Aspect Ratio section:

Change image aspect ratio

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